References From the Film Industry Regarding Past Submissions

‘You have real talent. I’d like to meet with you’.
Lonnie Ramati – Millennium Films

‘Julie Paupe is a feature film writer with considerable talent and vision. Julie has two feature film scripts, highly worthy of reading, producing and delivering to a wide international audience. Having collaborated with Julie over a considerable time span, I earnestly endorse her writing skills, talent, and passion’.
John Hipwell
Producer/Director/Writer – Hipwell International Production Services

‘We are impressed by the professional quality of your writing and presentation, and the compelling drive of your narrative’.
The Tennyson Agency

‘You have a fab story on your hands. I can see and read you are on the cusp of some thing extremely interesting’.
‘It will be better than “The Matrix” once the script is final draft’.
John Hipwell, producer/director of Hipwell International Production Services

‘The premise is awesome’
Steven Rumbelow, Renegade Motion Pictures
Steven Rumbelow <>

‘Life Travelers sounds fantastic, and I would love to be involved. From the details you have been able to share, this is exactly the type of project I have been looking for…and the type of dynamic character that I love to sink my teeth into’.
Adrienne Wilkinson, Actress from Xena Warrior Princess and producer.
Agent: Beverly Brock

‘So brilliantly written’.
Kathrin Lausch, Producer, Marketing & Business Master.

‘You got the look and the idea dead on’.
Yossi Bechor – CEO, Wonder Works Films

Just sent a script to my script editor in England, Julie Paupe. Time to weave your movie magic again.
Brian Vaughan – Spirit Rider Productions