Testimonials for Services

Julie is one of the nicest people, and one of the greatest movie script writers alive. C. Bouchard.

I think Julie did a marvellous job and I am really thankful to her. There are so many new nuances and creative new moments, it is more visual, and so many important details are added. Opening and ending are much more visual and impressive. The whole text is vital, with clear, distinctive, and complete message to the audience. Julie is great. S. Di-Naham, Author.

I’ve had my book turned into a film script by the very talented Julie Paupe and she’s just sent me the first draft. Up to page 20 and its friggin awesome. Its exactly how I visulised the book as movie and what an awesome opening scene Julie!!! So excited Roscoe Kearns Published Author

You have made my year – F. Boonegross.

I sent her the information, and within a couple of hours, she was already on the job keeping me informed. I can honestly say she knows what she is doing. She’s coming off as a mentor as well, which is something I need. D. Rogers – Screenwriter

PERFECTION! The script is Awesome! (I’m actually tearing up). All the flashback scenes are in place, you’re awesome! I feel confident that a producer will sign up to rock this project. I’m ecstatic. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I know there’s still a process to go but I’m super happy with your work, experience, and knowledge. You’ve made me a better writer teaching me that I don’t have to sell out writing obscene material in order to write something dark and disturbing. C. Harris – Screenwriter

Let me vouch for Julie. We are working on a book to script project, a modern romance with a thriller twist about fate. Julie is – in one word – wonderful. Full of ideas and inspiration with lots of energy. I would highly recommend Julie. She will turn your dream into a reality – Roscoe Kearns – Author

Julie is easy to work with, professional and has great ideas. I also highly recommend Julie for your writing projects – Anthony Skojec – Screenwriter

100% agree with Anthony – you’re the best Julie – John Peter Ferris – Author and Screenwriter


Having Julie help me with the “Corridor One” Screenplay was a great and positive experience. Her knowledge and professional approach added a high level of quality to the screenplay and also helped to position it in the right direction for future production. Her great communication skills and willingness to coach me helped to transform the editing process into an enjoyable and educational journey. Thank you, Julie. – Rafael Derchansky – Author

I would like you to write the screenplay. I like your attitude. – Garfield Whyte – Author – Attorney-at-Law

Thanks for your excellent critique of ‘Chimera’. I’m working on what you said to rework. I can’t wait for you to market my screenplay. Everything you do is professional plus more. Thanks again! – Janet Thompson Deaver – screenwriter